Up Close & Personal

“Up Close & Personal,” is a culmination of a lifetime of capturing images across seven continents and edited down to just a few examples to celebrate life’s remarkable, meaningful details.

For the most part we live our lives in organized chaos and do not take the time to stop and smell the roses or to even observe the details of the rose – its sepals, the leaf-like covering that protects the bud before it blooms, its petals, the colorful exterior that attract insect pollinators, or its stamen and pistil, the reproductive parts of the flower. Instead, on a daily basis, we live our lives focused on the big picture, or our cell phones, and do not allow ourselves the time to appreciate the magnificent details of our graceful world.

“Up Close & Personal,” was created to open the eyes, minds and hearts. To hold time still and cherish life’s special moments in a way we might not otherwise do so. It’s a way of interacting, of asking questions, and seeking and honoring the splendor of our world. Hopefully, we will never again pass a rose without stopping to smell, touch and admire the magic of its intricate details.

***Exhibit includes about 50 photographs. Each image is accompanied by a 4” paper square with a large ? on the front. Once the viewer has either deciphered the Up Close photo (or not) they can then lift up the dot on the bottom of the square to discover the origin of the image. There will be a full-size photo of the subject and also a few paragraph description giving details of the subject.