The Art of Messaging

A Photographic Journey Thru the Ages


Messaging is a powerful non-verbal expression of thoughts and emotions.

Throughout the ages the recording of significant events, sentiments and religious experiences are a distinctly human characteristic. Using carvings into stone or wood, building grand mysterious structures, piercing or painting the skin are a means of expression. Some are hidden in caves others on walls and body parts.

This exhibit introduces images from dozens of countries over six continents and asks the viewer to embrace the moment in time the messaging was created. From ancient hieroglyphics to contemporary depictions these gallery walls are filled with all types of messages.

We may not fully understand the intended message and often there may be more questions than answers. Why were the Moai statues of Easter Island created in the first place? The Nazca lines in Peru from 3000 years ago, how and why were they built? Petroglyphs and pictographs of our ancestors, figures scratched or drawn onto the rock, what do they all mean? The colorful graffiti applied to buildings, walls and other surfaces, what does it say and how are we to decipher it?

In the end when we do not understand the ancient or for that matter the contemporary story, we are left to interpret them using our own experiences.

***Exhibit includes more than 120 photographs viewed in chronological order. Accompanying each is a narrative, commentary, interpretation, explanation or portrayal of the subject.